Image Guidelines


The most important part of your order, crucial to the quality of the final portrait, is the quality of the image you upload. Let's review the following tips and guidelines to make sure yours is just right:

  • Take a photo or choose an existing photo that is taken in daylight or in a brightly lit room.
  • Use a smartphone or high quality camera
  • Ensure the whole face & neck is visible and not in shadows.
  • Avoid overly filtered photos to ensure we correctly capture skin tone.
  • Try to find an image where you are looking directly at the camera at eye level, facing forward. Other positions are acceptable, but your portrait will be shown in that position in the final portrait, so make sure to double check.
  • Please note: In case of any additional instructions, make sure to write in a notes box while ordering. 

Not sure whether your images will work?

Email your images to us ( and we'll let you know.